Friday, February 17, 2012

Feels Like Home

The boys and I traveled to Forrest City this week to visit our favorite Mema. Nathan was pumped since he loves Mema's house almost as much as I did at his age. He drew pictures, played board games (with stellar sportsmanship, might I add) and completed the day by sitting on the dock.

We threw a few lines in, but didn't see a single fish. It didn't matter, though. Nathan was more concerned with tossing pecans, acorns, leaves, and twigs into the lake to see what would float. He hopped and jumped down the winding path that leads from that familiar brick home to the water. I took pictures that easily mirror those taken of me 20+ years ago.

The kids had a blast playing with Mema and I had a fantastic trip down memory lane. It's good to see the places that made you, especially when you can bring others and hope they're affected in the same way. Watching Nathan's face as dozens of acorns swirled to the lake bottom, I think we have success. :)

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