Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Came

After deciding that winter wouldn't come this year, snowflakes popped into the forecast. It didn't seem likely on the radar, so we went to bed thinking nothing of it. What we saw in the morning was nothing compared to last year's snow fest, but you couldn't tell by the boys' wide-eyed reaction. It was the first time for Owen to see the ground transform to a bright, smooth white. He sat at the window, pointing, until it was time to leave. Nathan was psyched to wear his new monster gloves to school and I was psyched to see it melt away by afternoon.

Other than a snow-filled Monday, there's not much news from the Bauer boys. We spent the weekend in Conway and had a great time indoors with Grammy and Poppy while Old Man Winter chilled the air. I've been planning Owen's first birthday party and Nathan's been planning for his favorite holiday (more on that tomorrow!) Owen is powering his way through antibiotics to clear another double ear infection, but it doesn't seem to slow him down. In fact, I'm not sure anything will. :) I hope you are having a lovely February and a happy Monday!

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