Monday, March 19, 2012

Jonquil Festival

that right there is a kid after my own heart.

On sunny Saturday the Bauer clan took Grammy and Poppy to the Jonquil Festival in Old Washington. We missed this event the past three years due to childbirth and/or thunder storms. The 2012 festival, however, was awesome.

The weather was amazing and we told the boys we had two goals: to purchase crafts and devour all the fried things. We accomplished both with little effort. We came home with a handmade spinning top, a PVC pipe bow with wooden arrows, and a tummy ache. :) I could go into details about the fun we had at this southern-fried tribute to my favorite bloom, but I think I'll let the pictures do the talking. I hope you enjoyed the fantastic weather this weekend and got a bite or two of funnel cake if you were in the area.

if this was the only thing at the festival, nathan still would've been thrilled.

always time for silly faces.

baby owen was content to stroll around.

nathan really wanted a caricature, but holding still was tough.

he told stories of how each of the fish were related.

nathan was happy to take the obligatory festival photo, despite the lack of jonquils.

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