Saturday, April 21, 2012


The smallest Bauer boys and I took a mental health day from preschool and housework and loaded up the car with snacks, games, and baby blankets. We left as the sun was peeking over the treetops Friday and drove to Benton to pick up Aunt Diana. Then, we were off to discover.

It was the perfect day to tour the newly remodeled Museum of Discovery in Little Rock. Nathan was brimming with excitement about all the "science" he would see. He was not disappointed. From the dinosaur skeleton that greeted us upon entrance to the disgusting human guts on display to the most fascinating tornado ever, he was pleased. We stood, gazes fixed on that tornado for half an hour. After the museum, we went to a restaurant in which trains deliver lunches. It was amazing. We visited Grammy and Brian at their respective work places and then played a few rounds of Wii at the Denning home. It was a fun, full day and, in the words of Nathan, "It was AWESOME!"

Here are a few of the pictures I snagged when I wasn't busy discovering:

As you can see, Nathan isn't the only one excited by science. :) Happy Saturday, y'all!

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