Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sunday was a rainy one, but that didn't stop these Bauers from having fun. After a fantastic morning praising the Lord in Hope, the clan traveled back to Nashville for a family-filled afternoon. We ate a delicious spread, sent Nathan on an impromptu indoor egg hunt, and played a rousing round of dice. We also watched Owen devour his first Ring Pop. After it was said and done, we all seemed as satisfied as a blue-mouthed baby on a sugar high.

I hope your Easter was wonderful, too, and that you remembered and truly celebrated the reason for the season. Chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs are a blast, but if it weren't for that first Holy Week, our lives wouldn't be quite as fun. :)

And I wouldn't end this without more photos. So here you go, a few quick highlights (re: cute faces) of Easter 2012:

Preparing the eggs is serious business:

Nathan's cheese face:

Owen's cheese face:

Baby's first ring pop. It's blue raspberry, for inquiring minds:

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