Wednesday, April 11, 2012


(This is an unrelated "after" shot. Trust me, you didn't want a "during.")

Today is not my day.

I had all my chickens counted before the eggs were out of bed. Alarm clock before the sun. Shower, makeup, hair. Lunchbox, breakfast, sleepy boys. We were out the door at 7:03. I needed to leave by 7:05. Yes!

I was to drop Owen off at Nanny's in Hope, take Nathan to the dentist in Texarkana, drive Nathan the hour back to Nashville for school, and then head back to Hope for work.

Time was on my side. Then, as we finished our first leg, Owen spewed. I won't go into detail. You're welcome.

Nathan and I hung our green faces out of the car windows and we drove straight to Nana's empty house. Waiting for me in the back seat was the most disgusting sight I've witnessed in five years of motherhood. It was rough.

Owen was promptly disrobed in the driveway and after a nice long bath and hours of wrestling with the car seat cover, washing it, and wrestling with it again, we are good. We missed every part of our perfectly planned morning, but we're good. Owen is enjoying a nice afternoon nap and has shown no signs of round two.

Why did I share this with you? First of all, I need others to feel my pain and cringe in solidarity. Did you do that? Okay, good.

Also, there's this: no matter how great things are going, proverbial vomit can happen. Wrenches can be thrown out of nowhere. The best solution is to grin, bear it, and hose down your car. Beneath that metaphoric pile of puke is typically a metaphoric cute baby.

Happy Wednesday!! ;)

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