Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mullet No More

Quite the transformation, right?

As of 2:00 this afternoon, Owen's shaggy Texas mullet is no more. Although I loved his long, glorious locks, it was time to upgrade. Hopefully the "OH! What a cute little girl!" comments will start to diminish with his hair length, too. :)

Yes, Owen had his first big boy haircut and he was a champ. Between the steady flow of puffs, a crinkle book, and a mirror to take in the adorable view, he was good. He watched as the hair fell to his shoulders and piled on the floor. Gone was the hair he grew in the womb. His sweet baby hair. It was sad to see the change happen, but it was necessary.

He looks much older now and it's even more apparent that Baby Owen is growing up. His hair is blonder, his eyes are a deeper brown, and his round face looks more like a child's.

We scheduled his new 'do the day before his one-year photo shoot. Tomorrow morning we will meet one of our favorite photographers and capture this special time in his life. We can't freeze time, but we can preserve memories. And boy is he going to be looking good! Happy Thursday, everybody.

(you didn't think I'd leave off photographic highlights, did you??)
(as you can see, it wasn't all fun and games!)

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