Thursday, April 19, 2012

Outside with Owen

Owen threw a temper tantrum today.

It was the kind you can't even fix with Super Why and a sippy full of ice-cold milk. Not music, not mama, not even Owen's precious blanky could lighten the red cheeks streaked with tears and boogies. There was only one solution.


This was the only answer for my colicky baby and as we headed to the porch, I prayed it was still the fussy-for-no reason cure. As soon as we sat on the swing, squeals of "SUSIE!" broke out between sobs. She entertained her brother by chewing on a stick and wagging her tail. Success!

I figured bringing the baby in would only lead to certain doom, so outside we stayed. A little Vitamin D never hurts and it was the perfect afternoon to soak it up. The sky was that bright shade of blue, the breeze rattled the leafy trees, and the sun wrapped us up in its warmth.

First stop was to eat the mulch. Second stop was to eat the mulch. Once it sunk in that he probably shouldn't eat the mulch, it was sidewalk chalk. I sat beside him as he created colorful masterpieces of dots and and lines. He stopped shortly after he started. It was then that Owen decided to play rocks.

He licked a few, flung even more, and offered one to me in what I assume was a "sorry for crying uncontrollably" gesture.

Once rocks got boring, as everything inevitably does, Owen moved on. First a finger, then a hand, and then he was crawling across the gravel and into the grass. Susie delighted at the sight of her best buddy barreling toward her, but I scooped him up before he became a slobbery mess (well, more so).

Testing it...

Umm, not sure...

Okay, this works!

After about an hour, I decided it was half-past nap time. We reentered the house with minimal fussing and after a few minutes of the aforementioned cartoons and milk, I dumped him into the crib. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's just about time to join him. The perfect afternoon to play looks mighty fine for resting, too. Happy Thursday, everyone. I hope y'all were able to catch some of those rays today, too!

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