Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scents of Spring

I like a number of things about April in Arkansas, but the scents of spring top the list.

When I reach the gravel path that brings me home from a day of work or play, the bright smell of honeysuckle wraps its arms around me. It's thick like a grandmother's perfume, pleasant and comforting.

The sweet waves become tangible things, caught in the air. They hang there and wait patiently for me to drop everything and listen. A soft breeze can rustle these things from their hiding places near the creek. Just a small, quiet breeze can bring them to my spot on the porch swing, and bring with them the realization of the world's beauty.

I'm thankful for how often these thoughts come to my mind, especially this time of year. I'm overcome with love for the deep brown earth. Earth that can produce incredible things, with help only from the ultimate Gardener. Fantastic paintings spread across my personal canvas. Along the highways, patches of light green mix with the evergreen. The darker colors take a backseat and the pastels dance against the sky.

Leaves wave from their sturdy branches, attaching themselves closely until they feel free enough to go. Wildflowers of pink and white are mowed down by tired tractors and the smell of green onion goes straight to my soul. Oh, how I'm moved by a stranger's farm work!

Then there's the vegetable patch. The spicy basil, the strong marigolds, and the incomparable smell of tomato leaves. When I stepped out of my home this morning, I smelled vegetables. I smelled new hope and strong roots. I smelled my way of life, the simple way of life I pray my sons make their own. All this from my back yard. :)

I write this to remind myself and my readers that there will always be beauty inter-planted with the sad, the cruel, and the negative. No matter what. The world is an amazing place, sprouting with new hope and ambition every day. Sometimes we just have to stop, take a deep breath and find it.

Breathe out your problems, breathe in your peace.

Find your beauty.

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