Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Steps

(See what I did with the title there?)

Look out, world and low-shelved breakables, Owen is officially on the move.

Over the course of just two weeks, Owen has made great strides in the art of walking. We convinced him that running through the house behind a push toy wasn't going to cut it and he gained the courage to let go. Only when he chooses to, of course. Don't even *think* about showing him off like a trained pony. That's our Owen! (ahem)

Anyway, the kid is up to a record 12 steps before landing on his cushy bottom. He's gotten to his feet on his own a few times and he's been known to dance a jig before taking off. We know in the coming days he will move past this wobbly walk and advance to tearing through the house at the speed of toddler.

Heaven, help us. :)

PS: No joke, about five minutes after recording this, we moved our playtime outside. Two minutes later, I called Jonathan and yelled into the phone: "QUICK! Is sidewalk chalk non-toxic?!" The fun never ends around here and I have an angry, yellow-mouthed baby to prove it. Have an awesome Thursday, y'all.

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