Thursday, May 3, 2012

Official Student

Now that looks like a kid at the top of his class, doesn't it?

The whole family visited Nashville Primary School this afternoon. Shot records and birth certificate in hand, we marched through the jungle-themed double doors and into kindergarten registration.

Believe or not, the time has come.

Nathan was delighted (and probably relieved) to see two of his best buddies from preschool waiting with their moms. We took a seat and a stack of papers and began. Nathan visited with the school nurse and asked questions about recess options. Moments later, a teacher came out and took him by the hand to test for readiness. He was eager to show off his light-up shoes and I had no doubt in him whatsoever.

When they returned, all she said was that he did a good job. I took the red smiley sticker stuck to his hand to be a positive sign. While quizzing him in the car, he told me had to sort bears into color families, recognize both lowercase and uppercase letters, ID numbers, and write his name. He said he aced it all! I'll never know for sure, but I believe him.

Before leaving, the nurse told us the class lists would be posted in July. Hopefully he will have a friend or two in his class. No matter what, though, I know he will succeed. A few more weeks of preschool, a summer of fun, and August 20 will be here.

Ready or not, Nathan is well on his way to kindergarten.

PS: We are totally ready. :)

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