Friday, May 25, 2012

Preschool, Check!

One last look at Nathan, the Preschooler.

Stick a fork in this kid, y'all, he's done. He pulled his puppy backpack onto his small shoulders for the last time this morning.

Arriving about an hour late (very fashionable for the last day), Nathan was happy to see his friends greet him in their normal fashion. However, something was different.

All the colorful posters highlighting the Sign Language alphabet, counting by ten, and various bible verses were removed. He didn't know where to put his bag, as the name plates by the hooks were gone. School is done, I explained. Once I told him the day would consist of playing on the playground and eating all the cheese pizza his heart desires, he was okay with the lack of academics. Especially when I reminded him that kindergarten is just around the corner!

(I'm not sure if there's ever been a four-year-old who loves school so much. I sure hope that sticks!)

Tonight, after Nathan takes his last at bat of the t-ball season, summer is officially on. Here's to three months of mornings in the veggie garden, days in the kiddie pool, and nights on the porch swing - all spent with my Bauer boys.

PS: Want to see how much my baby's grown? Check out last year's School's Out post, which shows Nathan a year ago today and two years ago today. He's a kid, isn't he? I'll just go ahead and admit that. Happy Friday!

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