Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Son

It's what we do when baby brother is napping.

After I closed the nursery door with soft lullabies playing in the background and a tired baby happy to give in, Nathan and I pulled on our shorts and shoes and went outside. We began with a mid-morning drumstick and followed with a ripe strawberry plucked from the garden. Nathan rinsed the red morsel under the water hose and threw the leafy remains to the birds.

We took our shovels and dug around the tomatoes, letting air mix with the soil and flow to the freshly planted roots. We added a few more okra seeds and watered them into place. Then I sat back and watched Nathan water every dandelion and blade of grass until he was content. Then my dirty feet were rinsed clean and I shivered as he was sure to wash my gardening knees, too.

We blew bubbles as the hot sun colored our pale skin and then chased the shiny circles into the sky.

I am thankful for the time I get with Owen on days when Nathan is busy at school. I get to really look him. I look deep into his brown eyes and I do my best to figure him out. This little person I helped bring into the world.

This morning I was blessed with time to do nothing but look at Nathan. Fill all of my being with thoughts and questions about him and his own little world. Watch his enthusiastic expressions rise and fade and notice how he is changing.

I should do that more often. We all should. We should shut it all out and really look into the faces of our children. You might be surprised. Happy Saturday, y'all.

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