Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny Tomato

The first tomato was spotted in the back yard not too long ago. Soon to follow: ultra-fresh BLTs.

The garden is more than a month old now and (dare I say it), looking great! After battling rust on the okra and beans, everything is green. The cucumbers have sent out dozens of tendrils that cling to the fence and climb as if provoked. The pole bean stalks twist and dance in the wind until they find their own trellis to curl around. Pops of orange, red, and yellow marigolds shine brightly against the green foliage.

Only two of the Early Girl plants and one of the Arkansas Travelers hold tiny tomatoes, yet every variety boasts delicate yellow flowers. Half of my crops are in bloom. White bush bean flowers poke up from the greenery and yellow cucumber blooms are dwarfed by leaves the size of dinner plates.

Tomorrow is the first day of June. With it will come the first tastes of the garden. I can hardly wait. :)

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