Monday, June 25, 2012

Class List

Primary school just got real.

I received a text last week from a friend of mine whose daughter is a friend of Nathan's. She wanted to let me know the kindergarten class lists for August were posted and that I should check it out ASAP.

Being at home with the boys, I asked Jonathan to stop by. He sent the above photo. I was caught off guard when I saw Nathan's name topping the list for Mrs. Dodd. Jonathan, who knows a handful of the teachers, was thrilled with the selection. He was confident Nathan will have a great year under her direction. :)

As for me, seeing the name I carefully scrawled on a birth certificate form nearly five years ago staring back at me was strange. It's strange to believe my baby is old enough to begin his public school career and meet the kids he'll share classrooms with for 13 years. It's strange that there is a teacher who is already planning lessons for him and drawing his name on colorful first-day decorations.

I am also so happy. I'm happy to know that my son is going to have a great foundation for education. I'm happy that Nathan is so excited about this news that he's already decided on a Transformers backpack. I'm happy that the little person we've been growing will now get to grow in new directions.

Nathan will love seeing his name on Mrs. Dodd's brightly colored decorations and at his very own space in her classroom. He will sit in his tiny chair, among future friends and he will soak up her every word.

(well, for the most part)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Last week, Nathan was afraid of the water.

He wouldn't step onto the pool steps without arm floats and he wouldn't put his face in the water without bribery - let alone his entire head.

The story's a bit different now. After five swimming lessons from a great couple in Mineral Springs, my little fish has found his calling. Just one day after his final lesson, he was begging me to go beneath the surface to listen to his underwater song. The second he popped up, he grinned, took a breath, and dove back down. I watched as his big brown eyes scanned the new world.

He jumps into the shallow water after shooing all help out of the way. The kid asks to jump into the deep end, swim to a parent in the middle, and proceed to the ladder, legs flailing wildly. He spits and gasps and rubs his eyes and proclaims, "I'm going to do it AGAIN!" Before we know it there's a giant splash and we're off.

Who is this kid??

My overly cautious son gained courage with each lesson. And he did it by himself. He mustered up his own courage, put on a brave face, and simply jumped in.

I haven't been this proud in a long time. I think the only person prouder than I am is Nathan himself. He met a fear, literally face-first, and he won.

PS: Please excuse my use of Instagram. My camera is under the weather. However, after a trip to the shop (and the addition of a birthday lens *fingers crossed*), my photography will be back and better than ever. I have a feeling the pool trips will be frequent this summer, so check back soon for photos.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


How about a little harmonica solo to brighten up your hump day morning? Looks like Nathan isn't the only up and coming musical act in the Bauer household. Seems his second banana is only about 15 harmonicas away from Blues Traveler status. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012


It may be small, but we finally documented a 2012 harvest.

It's our first, hard-earned handful of bush beans. In the next few days we'll have similar handfuls and we can make a meal out of them. Although we've attempted it both previous years, this is our first successful bean planting. Yay!

After the tedious task (Jonathan had) of stooping over to forage through the leaves for these beans, I easily plucked our second cucumber from the trellis. I'm saving it for Nana, but the one I ate last night was delicious. It's too early to say if these will become bitter, but as of right now they're better than any grocery store cuke and much better than the bitter variety grown last spring.

How does your garden grow?

Friday, June 8, 2012


We knew this was coming.

When Owen was an acrobat in the womb, we joked about Nathan's rambunctious little brother. When he crawled for the first time, we joked about the trouble that was coming. When he gained the courage to take those adorable first steps, we joked that running wasn't far behind.

It wasn't. Apparently, climbing wasn't either.

And. AND. This video does not portray today's most daring feat. Yes, this is cute. Nathan and I were cuddled up on the couch, playing a game on the phone. We looked up and saw a baby sitting on the coffee table. Just watching TV. The same thing he was doing on the carpet, but I suppose he wanted to see Clifford from a different angle. We shared a good laugh and encouraged him to do it again. (What?? I had to get a video.)

The laughs and head shaking aside, we were over it moments later when I laid the daredevil in his crib for a nap. He cried, like always, when he realized what was happening. When the crying didn't stop, I went to investigate. I turned the knob to his bedroom and pushed the door. The door wouldn't move. Something was blocking it.

Uh oh.

It was something small, about 26 pounds, and it was crying wildly. Owen moved from climbing onto the coffee table to climbing out of his crib in record speed. Who knows what happened? Head first or feet first, mid-air flip or graceful decent? Either way, he got out. As I frantically checked his limbs for blood, lesions, and broken bones, a smile spread across his tear-stained face.

I'm beginning to think the trouble we joked about is here.

I lowered the crib as far as it could go (which I probably should've done by now...) and settled my wild man down for a nap. I prayed for no more jail breaks and so far, so good. Owen is not ready for a big boy bed and I am not ready for a baby in a cast.

Yep, this one is lucky he's so cute.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Time

The above, paired with an equally peaceful nursery scene, has afforded me a great afternoon.

A long, hot shower, time to savor every bite of my lunch, and a foot soak in front of the television. Heck, I even swept the floors and did laundry somewhere in there.

I love my children dearly, I do. But when they decide to nap at the same time - no questions asked - mom's day off is in full swing. My time is precious and I do my best to make it count.

Now, onto a good book until the chorus of "Mama!" begins to play. Hope you find some of your time today, too.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


You're using that blanket wrong, brother.

Just a lazy Saturday morning with Superman and Linus. Wouldn't have it any other way. Happy weekend, y'all.

(PS: The best part of all this is watching Owen follow Nathan around, trying to pull his cape off for snuggles.)