Monday, June 25, 2012

Class List

Primary school just got real.

I received a text last week from a friend of mine whose daughter is a friend of Nathan's. She wanted to let me know the kindergarten class lists for August were posted and that I should check it out ASAP.

Being at home with the boys, I asked Jonathan to stop by. He sent the above photo. I was caught off guard when I saw Nathan's name topping the list for Mrs. Dodd. Jonathan, who knows a handful of the teachers, was thrilled with the selection. He was confident Nathan will have a great year under her direction. :)

As for me, seeing the name I carefully scrawled on a birth certificate form nearly five years ago staring back at me was strange. It's strange to believe my baby is old enough to begin his public school career and meet the kids he'll share classrooms with for 13 years. It's strange that there is a teacher who is already planning lessons for him and drawing his name on colorful first-day decorations.

I am also so happy. I'm happy to know that my son is going to have a great foundation for education. I'm happy that Nathan is so excited about this news that he's already decided on a Transformers backpack. I'm happy that the little person we've been growing will now get to grow in new directions.

Nathan will love seeing his name on Mrs. Dodd's brightly colored decorations and at his very own space in her classroom. He will sit in his tiny chair, among future friends and he will soak up her every word.

(well, for the most part)

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