Friday, June 8, 2012


We knew this was coming.

When Owen was an acrobat in the womb, we joked about Nathan's rambunctious little brother. When he crawled for the first time, we joked about the trouble that was coming. When he gained the courage to take those adorable first steps, we joked that running wasn't far behind.

It wasn't. Apparently, climbing wasn't either.

And. AND. This video does not portray today's most daring feat. Yes, this is cute. Nathan and I were cuddled up on the couch, playing a game on the phone. We looked up and saw a baby sitting on the coffee table. Just watching TV. The same thing he was doing on the carpet, but I suppose he wanted to see Clifford from a different angle. We shared a good laugh and encouraged him to do it again. (What?? I had to get a video.)

The laughs and head shaking aside, we were over it moments later when I laid the daredevil in his crib for a nap. He cried, like always, when he realized what was happening. When the crying didn't stop, I went to investigate. I turned the knob to his bedroom and pushed the door. The door wouldn't move. Something was blocking it.

Uh oh.

It was something small, about 26 pounds, and it was crying wildly. Owen moved from climbing onto the coffee table to climbing out of his crib in record speed. Who knows what happened? Head first or feet first, mid-air flip or graceful decent? Either way, he got out. As I frantically checked his limbs for blood, lesions, and broken bones, a smile spread across his tear-stained face.

I'm beginning to think the trouble we joked about is here.

I lowered the crib as far as it could go (which I probably should've done by now...) and settled my wild man down for a nap. I prayed for no more jail breaks and so far, so good. Owen is not ready for a big boy bed and I am not ready for a baby in a cast.

Yep, this one is lucky he's so cute.

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