Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five Years Old

C'mon, admit it. This face is still as cute as it was on day one. Remember that monkey face?? Oh, time. Slow down.

There's nothing too interesting in my home tonight (as I tune out the chaos of daddy-led bath time). I believe it's time for a recap of Nathan's roaring-good birthday bash.

The food was easily-assembled for this dinosaur theme, so the details were in the decor. Thanks to my lovely assistants, streamers resembled jungle vines in my kitchen. Balloons in green and brown and bright palm leaves accented every nook and cranny. As for the food, well let's just say I had a little fun:

Before you give me a gold star for creativity, please know I stole most of these ideas. This, my friends, was a Pinterest party, and yes, I admitted it to those who asked. Guests enjoyed chips and bugles labeled as dinosaur scales and claws, jungle slime lime jello, and fossilized cookies. There were also meatballs for those carnivores, and garden veggies and fruit for the tamer herbivores. They washed it all down with swamp water and prehistoric punch. Oh, and there was also this cake:

There were only two actual games planned for the occasion. I simply buried tiny dinosaurs in the sandbox and let the young archaeologists unearth the hidden treasures. I did not calculate the size of the sandbox with regard to the number of participants, though, so sand in eyes was an issue. However, those who found dinos were pleased:

Also, there was a T-Rex pinata. It actually took two rounds of about 10 kids to whack this thing open and spill its goods. The anticipation and wow factor was much better than last year's one-punch tractor. :)

The rest of the party was basically splashing around and cooling off in the hot July sun. The slip-n-slide was up and running and the kiddie pool was full to capacity with boys jumping and girls avoiding.

Owen enjoyed the party, too. :) However, he really enjoyed it when the party ended and he had the pool to himself:

Thanks for reading and thanks to all who celebrated a spectacular kid with a spectacular party! Nathan had a blast with you guys. He's already trying to top it with number six. As for me, I'm not into advance planning when it comes to aging children. :)

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

More party pictures can be found HERE.

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