Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Grows

There has been no shortage of summer vegetables nor garden work this year.

Before I get to the photos, here's a Bauer Family Farm update for inquiring minds. First of all - tomatoes. Yesterday I picked twenty-four ripening tomatoes, ranging from the small Early Girls to the colossal heirlooms (pictured). I know that isn't a large number for most, but what am I going to do with twenty-four tomatoes? Luckily I know a few guys...

I've been battling a leaf disease that's impossible to keep away in this heat; however, all eight plants are producing tiny toms. I'll continue to keep the spots at bay if you continue to take these babies home by the grocery sack. Deal?

The pepper plants are weighted with green fruit and the ones that have found leafy shade in the triple-digit heat are flourishing. It's not great, but I think this may be the year we enjoy peppers around here. I'm leaving them on the vine until we need them, which will likely be soon once word gets out.

Cucumbers are still an after-dinner snack and, despite the heat, they're still delicious. The tendrils are happily wrapping themselves around their metal trellis and wilted flowers boast fuzzy new cukes, waiting for the bees.

The okra has started coming on as straight, scrumptious pods and the bugs that were chomping on them have vanished for now. The bush beans are finished and will be replanted, but the pole beans have taken over my eight-foot trellis. I've read the "wonder" in the Kentucky Wonder variety is that growers often wonder if any beans will come. Apparently I should expect a bumper crop from August to October. Until then the beautiful vines add vertical interest and a shady place to stand while admiring my tomatoes. :)

Here are a few more visual aids to give you my view when I step into my backyard paradise, nestled between the porch and the pasture:

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