Saturday, July 28, 2012

Very Veggie

After soaring temperatures and a battle with various leaf spot diseases, I expected my garden to have a few casualties after a week of neglect.

To my surprise, this was not at all the case!

Sure the tomatoes and beans needed a haircut to remove some of the yellowed foliage, but not nearly to the extent I imagined. Most of the branches were the bright, dark green that only comes after a natural watering. The bush beans I planted last weekend were sprouting and the strawberry vines had begun their journey to new areas of the patch. However, the kicker was the harvest. Here's what grew while we were away:

It doesn't look like a lot to most, but it's more than enough for this family. So much that if you are reading, you live near me, and you are interested in anything on the table, let me know. It's yours, free of charge. :) We have our first picking of peppers, several Anaheim and four pretty bells. Hopefully we will stuff those Anaheims full of sausage and cream cheesy goodness soon. (thanks, Katie!) We also managed to pluck six giant cucumbers hiding under their leaves and a few okra pods round out the pack.

Oh yeah, we also picked thirty-three tomatoes from all four plant varieties.

A new record, y'all. :) Plus I didn't even cheat and add the previously picked lot to the harvest pile (not that I would ever do such a thing):

As for causalities, there was one disgusting case. I had to toss a few overripe tomatoes that were among the windowsill group. Then, in the corner, I spotted it. One tom that had completely decomposed and was half gone. I told Jonathan I was too squeamish to get it and asked him sweetly to do so. When he moved it, he saw the culprit. I had apparently taken one of the tomato hornworms inside for a light snack last weekend. Gross. Thank goodness he stayed put and munched instead of wandering around the house. He suffered the same fate as his larger counterpart and I have learned to check all tomatoes for entrance holes before putting them up to bathe in the sun.


Hope your garden is growing just as bountifully and if it's not, call me. Seriously. I would love to share some vegetables with you. Happy Saturday!

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