Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Every afternoon is the same.

After waiting my normal 10-15 minutes in the primary school car line, going over various animal sounds with Owen and tickling his feet to distract his wearing patience, a teacher loads my kindergartner into the car.

Immediately, the adventures of the day spill from his mouth. Whether he got a turn on the swings at recess, which extracurricular classroom he was taken to that day, the amount of lunch he consumed, and all the incredible knowledge his beloved Mrs. Dodd bestowed upon him.

Yep, it's only been a little over a week and I am proud to say Nathan has gotten this student thing down. He's woken up each morning excited and ready to go! Ready to see if he will be the line leader that day or what treat he will receive for staying on Scrapper orange on the class behavior chart. (The kid recites the classroom rules to me daily and threatens to "pull my color" when I'm being "disrespectful." I have a feeling conduct won't be an issue with this teacher's pet.)

Once we pull up to the house and Nathan insists on opening his own door and carrying his own backpack in the house, we pull out his daily folder. I'm not surprised to see an orange smile on the calendar square. However, to Nathan's utter delight, we find his first homework assignment! I hand him a pencil and he recites a song about putting his name on the top of the paper. I read him the instructions and he begins. He writes his numbers delicately, again with a song to guide his pencil. He counts the chairs in the house and colors the appropriate number of squares. He draws and counts three bananas. He walks into the living room, hands the piece of paper to his dad, and, beaming, asks him to check his homework.

Believe me, y'all. I am well aware that Nathan will not treat homework like Christmas morning forever. In this moment, though, he is in love. He is bursting at the seams with pride and he soaking up every second of kindergarten like a sponge.

To say I'm proud would be understatement. Proud of Nathan and proud of us. Over the past five years we prepared Nathan for this and these past eight days have been visible proof that we've done something right in this weird dance called parenthood.

An orange smiley face all around.

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