Monday, August 20, 2012

Kindergarten Kid

Well, I did it. I won't say it was easy, but I did it. I walked Nathan into the double doors of the primary school, down the long kindergarten hall to his classroom, gave him a quick hug, and I left him there.

As of 8 am today, Nathaniel Thomas Bauer is a kindergartner.

After about five minutes of tossing and turning and "My bed is too comfy!" Nathan decided to put his little feet on his bedroom floor and join us for breakfast. During the waffle/banana combo, excitement began to rise. He was going to school today!

He finished his breakfast, talking a mile a minute, and pulled on the outfit he had decided to wear the night before. He grinned wide as his daddy pinned a car cutout bearing his name onto his shirt to let duty teachers know how he plans to get home. "Do I get to wear this every day??" he asked.

He was so excited that he was willing to take the above photos for me. (Nathan is an excellent model, but typically this is only of his own volition) He held his kindergarten sign proudly, with his new Transfomers backpack strapped securely over his small shoulders. He jumped into the truck with his daddy and Owen and I followed behind, eager to take brother to school.

I don't know if I can properly describe the primary school lot, but we can use the word "congested." Luckily we were allowed to walk our babies in on the first day, so my experience with the dreaded car line is still waiting.

Nathan's grin never left as we entered the building and bright decorations smiled back from every door. He recognized his classroom by a giant monkey (surrounded by bananas naming each student). He entered, set his lunch box in the designated area, handed his backpack to his teacher, and started coloring. I think I saw a flash of nerves at this point, which was my signal to hightail it.

As for what happened next, let's just say I was thankful for the 30-minute commute to collect myself before work.

Yes, Nathan did better than mama on day one, but did you expect anything different? This kid amazes me every day, and today is just the beginning. I'm counting down the minutes until I can head back home, pick up my kindergarten kid, and ask him every question under the sun.

Happy first day, y'all!

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