Thursday, September 6, 2012


Bear with me, y'all. The "amazed at Nathan's educational prowess" posts aren't going anywhere any time soon. What's a mother if not proud?

When the boys and I came home yesterday, I customarily opened Nathan's daily folder. He noticed a book order form and snatched it right out. I get so excited about these book orders. I was thrilled when NCA participated and every few months I'd sit down and decide which books would be best added to our growing collection.

Kindergarten has changed this routine a bit, though. He took the form away from me, plopped on the couch, and flipped to the exact one. "I know just what book I'd like! It's a book called 'Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes.' It was sitting at my library table the other day and I looked at it and it was SO funny. Will you buy it for me??"

Yes, Nathan, yes I will.

I know the kid's only five and his reading level consists of the color words he's learned in his 2.5 weeks of kindergarten and phonetically simple three-letter words, but this is a big step.

I love books. Seeing Nathan get excited about a certain book and seeing something he did in school as fun and exciting is incredible. I know this is simple and probably happens in most kindergartners' homes, but this is the first time it has happened in mine.

And I am going to read "Pete the Cat" until I'm blue in the face.

Happy Thursday, everyone. :)

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