Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dirty Boy

See what happens when Grammy's in town??

(I kid, I kid. She and I both know who encouraged this fiasco.)

Owen had no trouble stepping into the mud puddle on his own this afternoon. Once I came around the bend from digging in the backyard garden, my sweet baby couldn't believe his ears when I insisted that he sit down and splash. Big brother wouldn't hear of it, but little brother didn't miss a beat.

His diaper-clad bottom sank into the muck and his hands searched for rocks to plop beside him. It wasn't long before mud was smeared on his sweet cheeks and I was running for the camera:

After several minutes of splashing and a quick kitty chase across the yard, it was right to the tub. This mama fully endorses getting as dirty as possible, because that makes the cleanup even more fun:

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you took advantage of the gorgeous weather and got a little mud on your cheeks, too. :)

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