Friday, October 12, 2012

Diagnosis: Rude

Oh, so cute, right? No. No, it's not.

About four million times a day, my name is desperately yelled from room to room. However, I know something's up when it's not any form of the word "mommy."

Spoiler Alert: By this point, you've got to be getting tired of the old Owen hijinks posts. Oh, you are? Yeah, well, me too.

When I heard the urgency in Jonathan's voice, I had to see what was up. I rushed into the guest bathroom to find the following:

A) Wet walls, wet floor, wet counter
B) An empty toilet paper roll
C) Sopping-wet toilet paper plastered to every surface
D) A baby, dripping on the rug, announcing, "Watuh!"

It was then that I summoned every ounce of sanity and spread it across my cold parenting face. (It was also at this point that I made the adult decision to let the camera lie.) Jonathan was angry and I had to be, too. Right? As much as I wanted to burst into a pile of laughter at this ridiculous sight, I didn't.

I ushered my husband away from the situation, grabbed the mop and toilet brush and set to work. The bathroom need cleaning anyway, it being 7:30 pm is beside the point. I laughed as the naked baby splashed in the tub, having just as much fun in the bath water as he did in the *ahem* other water.

All hilarity aside, Owen is one of my favorites. Even if he has chosen to start the terrible twos early. Even if there's a secret crayon drawing hidden on one of his brother's walls. Even if I took him to the doctor this morning in hopes of an ear infection as an excuse for temper tantrums.


After a week or two of sleep regression, screaming fits, and a blatant disrespect of authority, Owen just had to be sick. I saw him grab his ear once, so I chalked it up to that. A round of antibiotics and my sweetie would be good as new.

After a brief once over, the diagnosis was simple - nothing. Owen was perfectly normal, both in health and in boundary testing. Awesome.

Although I am unbelievably in love with this adorable little boy with the big personality, I hope he soon makes the choice to use his power for good, and not evil. :)

Happy Friday, y'all. Get some sleep.

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