Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh Fall Food

Lettuce, greens, and carrots - oh my!

I am a mom. I am a referee, a bather, a maid, a doctor, a milk fixer, and a chauffeur. I, however, am no chef.

So when I caught sight of my email prompt from the Arkansas Women Bloggers asking me to write for "Foodie Friday," I was stuck. I can make baby food all day, y'all. I can toast waffles, heat mac-n-cheese, and slice up grapes like it's going out of style. But when it comes to the stove, or grill, I'm lost. Lucky for me, my husband knows his way around a kitchen.

Dodged the bullet there, didn't I? Thanks, hon!

A few years ago I made the decision that if I'm not good at making food, I had to be good at growing it. Hence, the Bauer Family Garden. :) In its third year, we were able to bring in dozens upon dozens of ripe, juicy tomatoes, buckets of cucumbers and peppers, and the sweetest strawberries I've tasted. All just a few steps past the back door.

Last year was our first attempt at fall gardening. I planted carrots, beans, and lettuce. The beans died with the first hint of frost and the carrots died with the second. Oops.

At least we got one awesome carrot out of the deal.

This year, I wised up a little. There are two different kinds of lettuce and a fantastically growing salad mix. (See the first picture. I have no idea what kind of greens those are, but they're going like weeds and taste even better.) I also planted two different types of carrots.

Knowing the lettuce is hardy, I'm going to let it do its thing as the temps cool, cutting as I need along the way. The carrots, however, are going to get a cozy little home once the frost begins to settle in southern Arkansas.

My handy chef of a husband (did I mention he's good-looking, too?) has plans to make row covers out of PVC pipe and plastic. My carrots will be protected from the bugs and the elements and by Thanksgiving we should have some beauties to sit next to the potatoes on the dinner table.

Until then, though, it appears we'll have greens coming out of our ears. Therefore, I present my Foodie Friday recipe:
  • Plant seeds.
  • Water and wait.
  • Cut lettuce.
  • Wash off dirt.
  • Eat lettuce.
And there's your fall recipe on this gorgeous Friday - straight from the ground to the table. Bon appetite, y'all!

This post is part of an Arkansas Women Bloggers challenge called Blogtober Fest. Click to read other Foodie Friday posts.


Grace Grits and Gardening said...

Well, I finally gave up on growing tomatoes. I now stick to herbs. SOMEDAY I will have a garden - a big garden but as of now I am limited to containers...

Unknown said...

I do so miss my garden. I've told Hubby that it is coming back home next year:) Your greens look like tatsoi perhaps? Congrats on your production:) Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

I love your take on the topic!