Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Or, loosely translated, pumpkins.

My three favorite boys and I braved the bracing cold this weekend and visited the pumpkin patch at the First Methodist Church in Hope.

Owen couldn't believe his eyes when pumpkins of all shapes and sizes were splayed across dozens of pallets, just waiting for his chubby fingers.

Other patch patrons couldn't help but giggle when every few seconds one of the following phrases was enthusiastically screamed: "MOM! MUMPMEEP! NATE! MUMPMEEP! DAD! MUMPMEEP!" He tried lifting a few that weighed as much as him, but finally settled on holding as many small ones as possible.

Nathan took a more methodical approach to pumpkin patching. He was very much attracted to the bigger ones. He carefully set to work, hunting down the bumpiest, the fattest, and the one with the longest stem (not necessarily in that order).

As you can tell from the above pictures, the older Bauer boy was much more willing to sit atop a pumpkin and smile pretty for the camera. He's really good at that, you know. The little Bauer boy was distracted with tiny dancing pumpkins and fistfuls of straw until we got him balanced and looking in the right direction.

Scowl or smile - at least he's looking right?

Once the boys were sufficiently chilled and we paid for our three 50-cent pumpkins, we made the rookie mistake of expecting Owen to willfully follow us away from the glorious allure of pumpkins and into the car.

Nuh uh.

He kicked. He screamed. He ran. He called after his beloved mumpmeeps. Oh, goodness, we were a sight to see at the pumpkin patch.

Owen sniffled the whole way to the restaurant where I enjoyed a lovely meal with my three favorite boys. All while Owen was clutching dramatically to his three favorite pumpkins.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. May your love for pumpkins be as grand as Owen's this time of year. (okay, maybe not that grand)


Grace Grits and Gardening said...

I loved those trips to the church pumpkin patch with the little ones!

Julie said...

What cuties!