Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nutty Halloween

When I wrote Tuesday's post about my monkey's first Halloween (scroll down if you missed it... d'aww!), I couldn't help but think of my second bundle of joy.

Last year was Owen's first time to don a costume and collect candy and chocolates to be divided among everyone but himself. It's a hard-knock life for babies at Halloween, isn't it?

This year, though, the spooky holiday has the possibility of being even scarier for my little dinosaur (kitty cat? cow? ninja?).

As I daydreamed about negotiating with my big boy for chocolate-covered goodies, I realized my little boy can't even touch the typical Halloween loot. You may remember that a few days before his first birthday, Owen learned the hard way that he and peanuts are no longer friends.

Unfortunately this means he and chocolate don't get along too well, either. Most of the usual Halloween fare comes with a "made in a facility that processes peanuts" warning. Boo! This is going to be hard isn't it?

How do you explain to a not-so-patient one-year-old that he can't enjoy the Snickers his brother his feasting on? (In his bedroom. With the door closed. With the intention of washing his hands immediately after. Nathan is a fantastic big brother.) Or that he can't even touch the colorful packages friendly neighbors drop into his pumpkin?

I'm going to have to come up with a game plan that may or may not involve a giant bag of goldfish, graham crackers, or suckers that I nonchalantly slip to each person to gift to my baby. Or maybe I'll just make the swap when he's not looking.

Either way, I know this is just the beginning of a potentially complicated holiday for Owen. At least this year, it seems the lack of sugar-laden treats may be a good thing:

Don't ya just want to squeeze him? Poor little nut-free baby.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Count your blessings while you eat your PBJs. :)

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