Friday, November 23, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

This year, I am extremely thankful for the love of those in the photo above (Especially the two sweeties who aren't actually in the picture, but have already gone home. More on this at a time when I actually feel like writing about it.)

{EDITED TO ADD: See bottom of post for explanation.}

For now, though, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without counting each and every one of our blessings. Since the "each and every one" lists get lengthy, I've again asked each Bauer to narrow it down to three. Click here if you'd like to check out last year's post. (Owen's was my favorite.) Now, take a look at the Bauer family's thanks, plus a few peeks at this year's family photos:

Name: Jessica
Age: 28
Thankful for: "A supportive husband, fantastic little boy hugs, and the hope my God provides."

Name: Jonathan
Age: 29
Thankful for: "Loving family, faith in God, you." (That's ME!)

Name: Nathan
Age: 5
Thankful for: "God, that God gives me everything I need, and that Santa gives me everything I want." At least it started off good.

Name: Owen
Age: 1
Thankful for: "Being a baby, having my own room, and Toy Story" This was dictated by big brother, but it's all probably true (except the second one).

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

EDITED TO ADD: The vagueness at the beginning of this post was due to the fact that I was having trouble early in my pregnancy with Nora and assumed I had miscarried. It would be the next week that I learned exactly how much thanks I needed to give. Read more here, if you'd like.

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