Thursday, November 15, 2012

Facebook Fun

In my Thanksgiving blogging challenge, today's prompt was a bit of a curve ball. We were challenged to link up to our blog's Facebook page to promote social media and all that jazz.

Problem is my blog doesn't necessarily have a Facebook page, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure it's to the point of deserving its own space. (although the top ten reasons I should have one has the wheels turning). In the mean time, I'm going to spin this to make it work for me.

I won't link you to a page dedicated to my blog, but I will link you here, to my personal page. Stop by and make friends! You can keep up with all the zany antics brought to you by my boys and every so often, I'll post a blog link. THEN, one day, if I get my blog into Facebook-worthy shape, you can bet I'll promote the heck out of it.

Until then, here are a few of my favorite bloggers whom I read as often as I can. Check their fan pages out and I'm sure you'll "like" them, too. In no particular order are:
Also, one more treat for you. (score!) Since I can't give you an actual blog Facebook page, I'll happily share a few recent status updates. Each of them reminds me that sometimes, you just have to laugh:
  1. Woke up to Nathan drinking a Coke and eating my Milano cookies. Happy weekend, y'all.
  2. "Mom, I know your PJs are comfy, but you were looking foxy in your church clothes." - Nathan.
  3. Started my Friday by googling "baby drank laundry detergent." Oops. He's fine, though, and smells great!
  4. "There's nothing as awesome as getting your first library card!" He's definitely my kid.
  5. It's probably not a good thing when your toddler walks out of the bathroom sopping wet and brushing his hair with a toothbrush.
  6. "‎Today in music we learned about the national anthem and who wrote it a hundred years ago. It was Carrie Underwood." -Nathan
  7. A blue crayon in Owen's chubby little hand is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully stuffed animals are washable.
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