Friday, November 16, 2012

Mama's Mashed Potato

I may not have a secret recipe for turning leftover turkey into a fabulous new delicacy, but I have a mashed potato that'll melt your heart.

Before I jump in, let me tell you one thing, there's nothing like the joy in a mother's heart the day her kid comes home proclaiming that he will play the part of mashed potatoes in the school's upcoming musical. It was early October, but I circled the date on my calendar and made immediate plans to charge my camera battery.

When I realized the Thanksblogging Challenge's {Foodie Friday} coincided with said Thanksgiving Musical, I knew I had no choice but to write about my own tater. (This is way better than any recipe I could dream up.)

Nathan and his crew of five-year-old mashed potatoes were flanked by shiny red cranberries, a group of hip-hop turkeys, pumpkin pie topped with dollops of puffy whipped cream, and some elderly people who seem to have eaten a bit too much.

It was pretty awesome.

You don't know a Thanksgiving Musical until you hear a love ballad dedicated to cranberries. And trust me, I've heard it a couple dozen times over the past few weeks.

Nathan stole the show with his butter-pat hat and sweet dance moves. He concentrated hard on hitting every beat, with both lips and hips. Although I don't have the video feed to share with you now (trust me there will be video), here are a few photos to tide you over:

Now, if you want some recipes that are more yum than cute, head on over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers by clicking the icon below for more of {Foodie Friday}.

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