Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Owen the Patient

It takes serious work to look this good with an ear infection. Yep, he works out.

Poor Owen is sick. Unpleasant liquids are simultaneously draining from his nose, mouth, and ears. His barking cough is keeping everyone awake as it rattles his 32-pound frame all night. He has the saddest (although hilarious) little voice, hoarse and manly.

It's hard not to bust a gut when a baritone, "Mommy!" rings loudly through the monitor.

Oh, and he's calling me Mommy.

I kept him home today as the thermometer showed triple digits both last night and again this morning. We took a visit to the pediatrician's office and returned with requests for antibiotics, cough medicine, allergy stuff, and ear numbing solution. Nice. Although the previous list of meds will help this little guy feel better, I think I have my own solution.

In the few hours we had between doctor's office and car line, Owen grabbed his Mickey Mouse juice cup and favorite blanket. He walked over and handed them both to me. He then looked me square in the eye and managed a squeaky, "Mommy?"

Oh yeah. Snuggle time.

As pitiful as Owen looks and as bad as I can tell he feels, I love those moments. I really want him to start feeling better, but until then I guess I'll have to suffer through the free cuddles.

Send prayers, good vibes, and tissues our way, y'all. Happy Tuesday!

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GraceGritsGarden said...

poor baby. I remember those days:(