Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Kids' Table

I found this picture in the catacombs of my pre-baby computer folders. The image was named "Kids' Table 2005" - there's no escape, is there?

Today's prompt in the Thanksblogging Challenge invited me to write about a favorite turkey day memory. I set my brain to work and the results were all similar. Every single memory I conjured up involved eating from fancy china, drinking Coke or tea from a glass goblet, and being banished from the main dining room.

And loving every minute.

Sometimes we would tell inappropriate jokes, sometimes we would see how many olives we could stuff into our mouths at once, sometimes we would be summoned by a parent to fetch a Diet Coke, but most of the time we laughed. A lot.

My cousins, my brother, and I grew up at the kids' table. Just me and a couple of silly boys until our youngest cousin joined us a decade later. Even when a wife and a fiance joined the table (see above), we were destined to be away from the grown-ups. Little did they know, it's just where we wanted to be.

We saw each other as much as humanly possible. My brother lived in the next room for crying out loud, but there was something special about that day. I don't know if it was the fact that after years of attempts, we were all skilled at making our crystal glasses sing. It could have been that we were stationed in the same room as the colorful Thanksgiving spread. Maybe it was the unspoken feeling of being on each others' thankful lists. It was just different.

And it was awesome.

When I think about all of those years telling secrets and spilling gravy with kids of my own kind, I get so psyched at the possibility of a kids' table in my own home.

Although I lament actually making the move to the grown-up table with the addition of children of my own, I can't wait to eavesdrop on Nathan and Owen and their future siblings and cousins. Lord only knows what their inappropriate jokes will be.

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Hello! I'm Kate. said...

It sounds like the kids' table was the place to be!

Stopping by from AWB!

Karen said...

Being in a family with two whole kids, we never had the joys of the "kids' table". Sounds like we missed out on a few things.