Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Optional Title: Bah Humbug.

I know, I know. In years past you would have already seen the merriment of my little family decking the halls and posing with Christmas ornaments, baking cookies and wrapping gifts.

You're lucky I'm wearing pants right now.

Christmas during the first trimester, we meet again. Though the first time around was easier as I had zero children and a couch that welcomed my every nap. This year, the hustle and bustle of the season is something I keep tacking on the end of my "to do tomorrow" list.

If anybody has an extra cup or two of Christmas cheer (preferably laced with caffeine), I'd welcome it with open arms and groggy eyes.

I'm not a complete Scrooge, though. Here's what's going on in the Bauer Holiday department (sans photos, just trust me.) We do, in fact, have our tree up. It was not the week of Thanksgiving, but well into December. Jonathan and Nathan strung the lights on the house one mild afternoon while I watched Team Umi Zoomi through my eyelids. I went to Texarkana last Friday to pick up cupcakes for Jonathan's birthday party (dirty thirty, y'all!) and forced myself into Target.

Luckily Nathan has been spouting off the exact names of all toys advertised during Ninjago commercials and the Target aisles stay well-stocked with five-year-old dreams. Hopefully the Walmart in Nashville remains this way as I still need to complete my list.

Snapfish also emailed me and informed me I have one day left to make my annual purchase before it's too late for my family to unwrap joy on Christmas morning. Oops. Time seems to fly when you're permanently glued to the couch.

However, it's hard to keep the actual spirit of Christmas at bay when your kid comes home with the idea to play Santa's workshop while stuffing last-minute Christmas cards. He was Francis. I was Holly. He was my whip-snapping supervisor who continuously told me I was writing too slow. Oh it was good times, good times indeed.

With holiday guests arriving Friday, and me in my pajamas at 8:15 Monday night, I guess I will call this crunch time. T-minus four days and counting to find that holiday spirit, stick a bow on it, and place it under my barren Christmas tree.

Fa-la-la-la-la. La-la-la-la. ;)

(PS: I'm not a total Grinch. I'll find that Christmas cheer. Hopefully it's hiding under my covers somewhere.)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, someone to commiserate with! I will be 12 weeks on Christmas and I have been struggling to get in the holiday spirit. This is my first so I do not have other kids to care for, but I do have a full-time job. It doesn't help that almost no one knows so I can't blame my lack of spirit on the pregnancy. Naps, what are those? Merry Christmas to you!