Thursday, December 13, 2012

Owen Update

Quick Update: He's still as cute as he is mean.

In all the excitement revolving around my womb, you can trust that I haven't forgotten the children who already made their way out. They're hard to forget while running circles around their tired mama.

Let's start with the small one, shall we? Judging by the above photos, you can gather that he doesn't stay still long. He loves playing outside, doing absolutely anything to get a laugh, and his brother. However, my mom pointed out today that "Owen was born last year." Weird. Hasn't he been here all along? Screaming my name every ten minutes and lighting up a room with his grin?

Nope. Despite the fact that he holds his own in wrestling matches and runs like lightning at bedtime, he is still a baby. He's going to be a big brother, but for now, he's my baby. I can tell by the fact that I don't comprehend 80% of what he says to me.

"Dada no Daddy? Daddy quack quack, Daddy mumpmeeps. Nate, no Nate no toodies?! Toot, toot."

Crack that code. I dare you.

Owen is still cute as a button and hot as a firecracker. The smallest misunderstanding will send his Fruit Loops flying, along with a string of presumably not-nice words. The fuse is short on this one, but the heart is big.

When Nathan was a baby, I delighted in hugging him. Snuggling him as often as I could catch him and loving on him as much as I wanted. Owen is different. He finds me. He will stop what he's doing, wrap his little arms around my knees, and melt my heart into a bubbling mess.

I think that's worth a thrown cereal bowl or two.

(or at least I keep telling myself)

Have a happy Wednesday, y'all!

PS: If you'll remember back to October, I did a blogging challenge hosted by the Arkansas Women's Bloggers. I won a prize during that time and was awarded a blog consultation. I spoke to AWB founder Stephanie, The Park Wife, yesterday and she shared her thoughts. Notice a bit of a revamp today! Another suggestion she shared was firing up a Facebook page for those who want to listen. So, now I invite you to click here and then click "like" to see each new post on your newsfeed. Oh, joy! :)

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