Sunday, December 9, 2012

Part Three: Reality

I'm writing this one today. The day these words are published. It had to catch up to me, right?

I'm sitting in dark, quiet, and tidy house. Nathan and I just wrapped up a few rounds of Chutes and Ladders. He won every time. Owen is down for a late nap while the rain drips slowly outside his window. Their grape-sized baby brother or sister has yet to show on my body, but is constantly on my mind.

I wrote about the heart beats featured above a few days ago, when the video was recorded and Jonathan and I high-fived our way out of ultrasound room. However, the fact that this is my reality is slowly sinking in.

We told Nathan that he's going to have to pull double big brother duties and man was he pumped. His first words were, "I can't wait until you go to the hospital."

I told him to slow that talk on down.

Since we spilled the beans to Nathan and the world, he's started noticing. He told me the baby must be very small because my belly is (color me flattered and him blinded by love). He also stared at my bag of Doritos and told me to lay off. The chips are much "too big and too poky for the baby."

Seems he's already practicing his biggest brother routine.

As for the middle child, let's just say he's a little confused. He knows there's a baby. Somewhere. For a day or two, he would lift my shirt and jam his chubby finger at my bellybutton. Now, though, he's under the impression that the baby is inside his own rotund tummy. That may not be physically possible, but it is ridiculously cute, so I let it slide.

Also, expect to see photos of that in the near future.

Jonathan and I are counting down our seven months left as a family of four. We are playing board games, snuggling, hosting movie nights with popcorn, and helping with homework. Although that will continue when our home expands by two feet, we're making it count now.

Because before we know it, those heart beats will fuel a squishy pink body brimming with needs from all four of us. I can only imagine what Owen's caregiver role will be. :)

Happy Sunday, y'all!

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