Monday, December 10, 2012

Pregnancy Polls

Even though you didn't know about the first several weeks of my pregnancy, I still felt it was important to document them. I don't know if it's just for those of you who care about the vegetable-to-baby ratio, my own memory's sake (which will soon become an issue), or the update-craving grandmothers. Whatever it is, here we go. Without further ado, the first few pregnancy polls for Bauer Babe 3.

I am writing this Wednesday, November 7. (yes, that's an extreme closeup.)

Week: Four (and five days)
Size: Poppyseed
Feeling: Good!
Symptoms: Nothing (please knock on wood)
Maternity Clothes: Heh, poppyseeds don't take up much space.
Sleep: is awesome.
Gender: Mama's thinking blue again, y'all.
Movement: He's swimming up a storm, but not that I can tell.
What I Miss: Is it okay to say margaritas this early?
What I Want: December 6 to arrive! :)
Best Moment this Week: Seeing that big fat positive!

I am writing this Friday, November 9. (during Owen's unexpected two-hour nap.)

Week: Five
Size: Sesame Seed!
Feeling: AMAZING. (Why wouldn't I? I'm pregnant!)
Symptoms: Um, emotional? (above) And a totally skipped period.
Maternity Clothes: Nope.
Sleep: Still awesome.
Gender: This question is mean. The answer is 15 weeks away.
Movement: I can move pretty well and I assume bean can, too.
What I Miss: Nothing. Feeling very grateful and very blessed.
What I Want: Owen's two-hour nap to turn into at least a 2.5
Best Moment this Week: Watching "A Baby Story" and weeping.

I am writing this Friday, November 16. (Nathan's debut as a mashed potato.)

Week: Six
Size: Small Pea
Feeling: Sleepy.
Symptoms: Yawning, still emotional, and sore boobs
Maternity Clothes: Nope.
Sleep: Can't get enough (literally).
Gender: Months away. Contain your anxiousness.
Movement: I'm sure.
What I Miss: My bed when I'm not in it.
What I Want: A nap. :)
Best Moment this Week: Owen poking me and shouting, "BABY!"

I am writing this Wednesday, November 28. (two days after my miracle.)

Week: Seven (plus five)
Size: Blueberry
Feeling: Blessed beyond measure (and still a little shocked).
Symptoms: Flabbergasted?
Maternity Clothes: Nope.
Sleep: It's a lot better this week than last.
Gender: Still don't know, but I'm getting more pink guesses.
Movement: YES! I saw him dancing. :)
What I Miss: Nothing. Today I am pregnant and that is awesome.
What I Want: Another ultrasound peek.
Best Moment this Week: SEEING MY BABY!

I am writing this Tuesday, December 4.

Week: Eight (plus four)
Size: Raspberry
Feeling: A little sick, a little tired, a lot overwhelmed. :)
Symptoms: First-ever morning sickness. Yay!
Maternity Clothes: Nope.
Sleep: Still in need of more.
Gender: No clue.
Movement: Can't wait to see baby wiggle on Thursday.
What I Miss: I *might* miss the pretty drinks at Outback tonight.
What I Want: THURSDAY! My first actual OB appointment
Best Moment this Week: I'll go in the future and say announcing my bean to the world on Thursday. :)

I am writing this Friday, December 7.

Week: Nine
Size: Large Grape
Feeling: Awesome!
Symptoms: Other than disregard for my messy house, not much.
Maternity Clothes: Nope.
Sleep: I am planning a nap during Owen's.
Gender: No clue, but I'm hearing lots of hope for pink.
Movement: Probably.
What I Miss: Seeing my baby. I need weekly ultrasounds!
What I Want: The turtle cheesecake in my fridge.
Best Moment this Week: I called it. It was yesterday, seeing the heartbeat that made my pregnancy official. And then spilling the beans about my bean. :)

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