Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hello, friends. Long time no see, am I right?

As I scan my blog I reach two conclusions. 1)Those pregnancy posts are getting boring. 2)We need more Bauer boys. Go on, admit it. You already sighed with relief when the screen showed a face and not a fruit.

What I seem to have these days is a bad case of January. Sure January comes on disguised as a good time. Oh, resolutions! Joy, a clean slate! Fresh calendars and emptied filing cabinets. Then a few days after the first, I remember that it's still winter. My garden is dead. It's too cold to play outside. Christmas is over and blah.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this?

Then I took a peek at my weather app this morning. Spring-like temperatures, if only for the day. Before I made the daily car line commute, I rolled my windows down and breathed deep. A break. A break from the cold, from being glued to the couch, from feeling crushed under the restraints of indoors.

Today, we play outside.

I figured this break in my mood (which is an unfortunate combination of winter and pregnancy) should also result in a break in my blog.

So, here I am. Delving beyond the baby to fruit ratio. Thankfully, my pals at Arkansas Women Bloggers are going to help breathe a little new life into this blog over the next several months with writing prompts that challenge me to think outside the box and keep true to myself, my purpose, and my readers. (that's you!)

Enough of the talk, though. Here are some pictures of my handsome Bauer boys, playing football, chasing one another, throwing dead grass, and basking in the tricky January sun:

Happy Wednesday, y'all. I'll be back. Soon. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 15

Week: Fifteen (and four days)
Size: Apple
Feeling: Great, thank you for asking!
Symptoms: My body has realized what's going on. Darn round ligaments!
Maternity Clothes: I bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans Friday. Much better.
Sleep: I'm pretty good at it so far.
Gender: The anxiety is starting to build, y'all.
Movement: *Maybe* but I'm calling it gas for now.
What I Miss: Eyed those margaritas at Outback once again. Sigh.
What I Want: February 8. Counting the days to a romantic weekend away.
Best Moment this Week: Maternity clothes shopping and watching my body go from frumpy to pregnant in one wardrobe change.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 14

Is it wrong that my cravings match my baby's size this week?

Week: Fourteen (and three days)
Size: Lemon
Feeling: Very normal, actually. Hello there, second trimester!
Symptoms: Headaches now and then, but I'm feeling pretty good.
Maternity Clothes: No and this is a personal record. (I'm anxious to "pop")
Sleep: Still like it.
Gender: Still voting boy. Still don't know.
Movement: Every night I try to feel something, but it's just not time.
What I Miss: Hearing my baby's heart. Counting down the days.
What I Want: Since you asked, a massage and cheesecake sound heavenly.
Best Moment this Week: Visiting my pal's first little bundle of joy. It makes it a little more real to know I'll be in her shoes in a few short months.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Week 13

Week: Lucky Number Thirteen
Size: Medium Shrimp (oh, yes)
Feeling: Pretty sleepy, per usual. My tornado-swept house is proof.
Symptoms: Nothing too bad outside of extreme exhaustion.
Maternity Clothes: Getting close, y'all. Getting close.
Sleep: NEED.
Gender: Eight short weeks and we'll know! Nathan guesses boy today.
Movement: I don't feel it yet.
What I Miss: Margaritas. (is it my second time to type that??)
What I Want: To know who's in there! This is going to be a long two months.
Best Moment this Week: Ringing in the new year at the stroke of 8 pm with my favorite Goynes girls and their daddy/husband. Love when our families spend time together!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Little Word

{You better believe those aren't my hands. It's far from gardening time. Photo here.}

The other day I stumbled upon postings by some of the great gals at Arkansas Women Bloggers. These posts were as intriguing as they were inspiring.

They were writing for a challenge called One Little Word and suggesting the rest of us lock in one word for 2013.

A word to not only represent the way we want to guide our lives over the course of the next 360-some odd days, but a word to provide inspiration, a word to pick us up when we are down, a word to make us better.

For a couple of days, I thought. I ticked through so many words my head started to spin. On January 1, I briefly listed a few things I'd like to accomplish this year. I tried to smush these ideas into a short, one-word summary.

In the shower this morning (the source of all my bright ideas), it came to me. Thus, I present my One Little Word for 2013:

I want to grow in many ways this year. The first are obvious. I will grow my belly, I will grow my family, and I will grow a little baby who I pray arrives safe and healthy this summer.

There are, however, a few more directions I'd like to grow in, too. I will grow my health. I will grow my garden and use it to provide for my family. I will grow in love for my husband. I will help my sons grow in new and exciting ways. I will grow as a mother.

This year, I will grow my faith, as well. I will to grow my relationship with God and follow a little more closely in our walk together. I will keep an open ear to what He's saying and encourage those in my youth ministry to do the same. (I wouldn't mind growing the entire program, too!)

The word itself is one of my favorites, too. Just seeing those four letters in that order brings to mind the hope of new life. Nourishment and greatness straight from the soil and the sun. Green, fresh, and lush. Happy and bright. This, my friends, is what I hope to be this year.

There you have it, my one little word for 2013. It's not exactly a specific resolution, but a lease on life. It's a specific way I'd like to live this year.

And I can't wait to look back on this growth when we flip our calendars to a blank-slate January once again.

What's your one little word?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

To-Done List

{Notice: I stole the "to-done list" idea from a fellow blogger and former elementary school bud, Paige! Check her out at Approaching Joy.}

In my kitchen hangs a completely blank calendar, full of empty white squares to be filled in as life allows. The very definition of a fresh start. A new year.

Hello, 2013! I'm glad you made it.

I have a sneaking suspicion you will bring me a hefty dose of joy. This year, I'll give birth to my third child, I'll improve my health and strengthen my body, I'll expand my mind and my writing, and I'll love each of my children relentlessly.

But, that's enough of that.

The above list is a very nonspecific grouping of resolutions for the year we started today. To be honest, though, it scares me to tack such tasks onto myself for the next 365 days. Maybe I'll take it one month at a time. Maybe one day at a time. (But I do have that first one pretty much planned.)

Whatever the case may be, I will take life as it comes and deal. For the first day of this new year, though, I'm going to look backward. I don't remember posting goals for 2012, but it's cool to reflect on what I actually did. Here's a peek:

  • Spent time with people who love me.
  • Visited out-of-town friends.
  • Provided my shoulder for support.
  • Let other shoulders support me.
  • Watched my baby take his first steps.
  • Learned how to use an Epi-Pen Junior.
  • Planted and harvested from a garden.
  • Celebrated six years of holy matrimony.
  • Let my children meet the ocean.
  • Blogged the story of our life.
  • Rededicated myself to youth ministry.
  • Cried as I walked out of my son's kindergarten classroom.
  • Learned and practiced photography.
  • Heard my brother tell his wife that he does.
  • Strengthened my body and lost 20 pounds.
  • Used that body to create a child (currently the size of a lime).
  • Became closer to my husband than ever before.
  • Did hundreds of laundry loads and used thousands of Clorox wipes.
    (I won't try to fathom the number of diapers)
  • Looked deep into the eyes of my children.
  • Encouraged, cared, and loved until my heart hurt.

Maybe this is a bit narcissistic, but it sure feels good to see where I've been. It's hard to take on new challenges without the boost of confidence from knowing what you've already done.

I have a lot to do this year. I need to be prepared. :)

Happy 2013! May this year be everything you want it to be. May you find true contentment in the world around you. Let yourself be happy this year. I know I'm going to try every day.