Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hello, friends. Long time no see, am I right?

As I scan my blog I reach two conclusions. 1)Those pregnancy posts are getting boring. 2)We need more Bauer boys. Go on, admit it. You already sighed with relief when the screen showed a face and not a fruit.

What I seem to have these days is a bad case of January. Sure January comes on disguised as a good time. Oh, resolutions! Joy, a clean slate! Fresh calendars and emptied filing cabinets. Then a few days after the first, I remember that it's still winter. My garden is dead. It's too cold to play outside. Christmas is over and blah.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this?

Then I took a peek at my weather app this morning. Spring-like temperatures, if only for the day. Before I made the daily car line commute, I rolled my windows down and breathed deep. A break. A break from the cold, from being glued to the couch, from feeling crushed under the restraints of indoors.

Today, we play outside.

I figured this break in my mood (which is an unfortunate combination of winter and pregnancy) should also result in a break in my blog.

So, here I am. Delving beyond the baby to fruit ratio. Thankfully, my pals at Arkansas Women Bloggers are going to help breathe a little new life into this blog over the next several months with writing prompts that challenge me to think outside the box and keep true to myself, my purpose, and my readers. (that's you!)

Enough of the talk, though. Here are some pictures of my handsome Bauer boys, playing football, chasing one another, throwing dead grass, and basking in the tricky January sun:

Happy Wednesday, y'all. I'll be back. Soon. :)

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