Friday, January 4, 2013

Week 13

Week: Lucky Number Thirteen
Size: Medium Shrimp (oh, yes)
Feeling: Pretty sleepy, per usual. My tornado-swept house is proof.
Symptoms: Nothing too bad outside of extreme exhaustion.
Maternity Clothes: Getting close, y'all. Getting close.
Sleep: NEED.
Gender: Eight short weeks and we'll know! Nathan guesses boy today.
Movement: I don't feel it yet.
What I Miss: Margaritas. (is it my second time to type that??)
What I Want: To know who's in there! This is going to be a long two months.
Best Moment this Week: Ringing in the new year at the stroke of 8 pm with my favorite Goynes girls and their daddy/husband. Love when our families spend time together!

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