Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 14

Is it wrong that my cravings match my baby's size this week?

Week: Fourteen (and three days)
Size: Lemon
Feeling: Very normal, actually. Hello there, second trimester!
Symptoms: Headaches now and then, but I'm feeling pretty good.
Maternity Clothes: No and this is a personal record. (I'm anxious to "pop")
Sleep: Still like it.
Gender: Still voting boy. Still don't know.
Movement: Every night I try to feel something, but it's just not time.
What I Miss: Hearing my baby's heart. Counting down the days.
What I Want: Since you asked, a massage and cheesecake sound heavenly.
Best Moment this Week: Visiting my pal's first little bundle of joy. It makes it a little more real to know I'll be in her shoes in a few short months.

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Unknown said...

Hello, I've been enjoying your pregnancy updates! I am 15 weeks today and I can totally relate to wanting a massage!