Saturday, February 16, 2013

Always Together

Sometimes I get a little nervous about the impending rooming situation for our Bauer boys. Last night, I was given a little reassurance.

After a bath time during which their daddy could have used a poncho (re: every bath time), these guys piled into their warm jammies, got their hair thoroughly towel tried, brushed their teeth, and sat down to play tractors in Nathan's room. No matter which room they choose to play in these days, it's always together. See this morning's play time for proof:

Back to our Friday night: When we told the boys it was Owen's bed time, Nathan requested he first get to read his brother a story. The two climbed into the twin bed that still doesn't look full with both of their bodies and Nathan selected one of his favorite reads. "Pete the Cat and His White Shoes." Word for memorized word, he read the book with sing-song melodies and emphatic phrasing. Owen listened carefully and laughed at the silly parts.

Heck, they even agreed when I asked them to cheese for me. This was a rare, but perfect, moment.

After the story, Nathan gently pushed his brother down onto his own pillow and covered him with his very favorite blanket. I listened at the door and heard a smooch and then they whispered their good nights and i love yous. Shocked, I watched Nathan triumphantly walk out of his room. He turned off the light and held his head high as he made his way to the living room to finish his episode of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Then, from within the darkness, I heard a whimper.

I flicked on the lights and Owen had shot straight up in the gigantic bed. Terror filled every inch of his face. Whoops. Knew it was too good to be true. He's definitely going to have to get used to being Nathan's roommate when the time comes for a toddler bed to make its way in there.

However, I have a feeling that just like his mom and dad, Owen's big brother will not be okay with hearing any scared little whimpers. Maybe Owen will do even better in a big boy room just knowing Nathan's body is lying still in the same room as his.

Maybe this loving, sweet experience and closeness that is coming as Owen leaves the baby stage and becomes a kid will be the end of fighting over toys, karate chops for no reason, and screaming matches before Mama is fully awake. Just maybe...

Probably not, but it sure is a nice thought. :)

Have a happy Saturday, y'all!

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