Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another One?

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{Nathan's and my 20-week bumps. We look good, right?}

Last night the boys and I joined the Montgomery clan for a delicious seafood supper in honor of the boys' Grampa's birthday.

Once the plates were licked clean and the whole restaurant was well aware of Owen's presence, I wondered (as I sometimes do) if there were any sideways glances regarding my life choices when I stood up to reveal that another loud little bundle was on his or her way.

Instead of looking into faces for surprised reactions, I gathered all of the toys Owen had thrown onto the ground amid the majority of his chicken tender dinner and headed for the door.

Now, the kid definitely wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination - believe me I have seen bad. It doesn't come out often, but you'd better watch out when it does. He was honestly just being himself. Silly, boisterous, and commanding of all attention. Heck, he had more of the table's attention than Grampa did during the birthday song (sorry about that, Gramps).

He's the very definition of a ham.

I have no idea where he gets it.

I'm definitely not one to care too much about what strangers think of me (okay, may just a little bit), but I do wonder how many kids people think is too many. Although our personal number isn't set in stone, don't start printing any basketball jerseys or anything.

The number I do know now is three. We have three kids. Six hands to keep from throwing food at dinner time. Nathan, in case you start reading this soon, please don't throw food.. Three bodies to catch when it's time to load the Bauer bus in the mornings. Six legs to wriggle into pajama pants during the post-bath hyper hour and three sweet faces to kiss goodnight once they're wrangled into their respective sleeping quarters.

Although some people may see a third baby as a third pile of work, a third pile of money, and a third voice to shush during birthday dinners, I don't. Believe me, I know very well all of those things are true, but first and foremost, it's a third blessing.

Monster-like tendencies or not.

Fingers crossed for the not.

Also, as if you didn't believe that Owen can be a little pistol sometimes, please notice that he would not participate in the above silly time belly pictures. That's because he was busy pouting that no one would push him in the basket swing:

Nathan, however, is always ready for a photo op:

Have a lovely weekend, from me and my sweet little ones to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Just came over from AWB and must say (with six of my own) DO celebrate this new blessing; DO NOT apologize. Yes, six legs to shake down into jammies. Go for it! Be fruitful and multiply. I pray you will never be sorry.
My sixth is a Webmaster for a major AR university. Although heis a nut and I thought I'd never survive him, they cannot live without him. Just think if he'd never been born!
Beethoven was a later one of many. Einstein, on the other had, was a firstborn, BUT -- OH BUT -- his second-born sister was the one who translated when he could not at first talk right! She helped make him happen.
Go for it, Mama Bauer! Revel in it. ;-)

Jessica Bauer said...

WOW! What an awesome comment, thank you so much for your sweet words! And I'm very impressed by your being a mama of six - way to go! I absolutely look forward to the successes of my little guys (with maybe a girl thrown in??) from the first one all the way to the last. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!