Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's Talk About Sex

"So, what do you want?"

"Fingers crossed you get your girl!"

"Will you have another if this is a boy?"

"You really NEED a girl."

Okay, let me go ahead and apologize in advance to what may possibly be a sweet little girl stretching her limbs in my uterus. I love you very much, baby, and I am thrilled to have you. Not because you are a girl (if the case may be), but because you are mine.

Also, let me get out of the way a quick apology to the dozens of people who have uttered any form of the previously printed statements. I know you don't mean any harm. I know you are genuinely curious as to my take on the matter and want to offer your hopeful opinions. None of this is directed at you, my dear friend. I know you will love my baby either way.

PS: If you are dissatisfied with the sex of my baby, please know I had nothing to do with it. Also, you're mean.

With such disclaimers out of the way, here we go.

In exactly one week (9:45 am Thursday, February 28 to be exact), I will take my seat in the OB clinic with three anxious boys waiting to hear my name called by my sweet nurse. Our little family will then walk directly into the darkened ultrasound room. I will climb onto the table and relax on the soft pillows as the technician readies the warm goo.

We will watch her wand do its magic and start to see our family's newest addition on the screen. She will take measurements, count fingers and toes, and then search for what I consider the most important part of this sweet baby's anatomy.

The heartbeat.

As anxious as I am to know whether we add a third Bauer boy to the mix or mix it all up with the debut of a sister, I am even more anxious to know my baby is okay.

The reassuring little kicks help me know that he or she is alive, but I'm ready for some substantial proof. The last peek I got was at an eight-week blob with a steadily beating heart. I want to see limbs. I want to see movement. I want to see the stomach filling with fluid and whether the cheeks are as full as Owen's.

But don't get me wrong, y'all, I want to see the goods, too.

When Jonathan and I decided a third kid was in the works, our minds didn't instantly go to pink walls and bows. Our minds went to how much bigger our hearts and our family would grow with this simple decision. I don't need a girl. Owen doesn't need a baby brother. What we all need is a healthy, happy, growing baby.

I cannot wait to put a name to the one who's responsible for my frequent bathroom trips. (And believe me, y'all, we have some awesome names picked out!) However, I can honestly say that no matter what word is typed across the computer screen in that cozy ultrasound room, tears will fall. I will praise the Lord for his goodness and I will love. so. hard.

With all of that said, I think it's a boy. (shock and awe!) Maybe I'm the devil's advocate. Maybe I can't fathom adding any more baby clothes to my house. Or maybe it's just mama's intuition.

But maybe it's a girl?

What do you think?? You have a 50% chance of nailing it.

Happy Thursday from me and my secretly-sexed child!


Unknown said...

Girl :-) but really a healthy baby is what I hope for you :-)

Unknown said...

Everyone (including myself) "knew" I was having a girl. We found out 2 weeks ago that we are having a boy. I guess mother's intuition only goes so far! I hope you are overjoyed as you leave the ultrasound room with news of a healthy baby growing inside. That really is the best news possible.

Adriahna Myers said...

I'm not going to guess, because I'm usually wrong. That being said, I agree with you wholeheartedly. A healthy heartbeat is one of the most amazing sounds in the world. A week ago today, I spent 3 hours in the pediatric cardiologists office waiting to hear that all is well with our little bundle. My Dr. does an ultrasound at every appointment and I have to remind him that we aren't going to find out what the sex of this one is, every time I go in. But the sound of the heartbeat makes me cry at every appointment. At the cardiologists, the ultra sound lasted for over an hour, and they easily could have told me what we're having, but all I was concerned about was hearing that everything is perfectly normal with my baby's heart. I'm so excited for you, and can't wait to hear the wonderful news next week! Love you all!!

Unknown said...

I'm not guessing gender. I was wrong with L.

I think that the most disappointing reaction to when we found out L was a girl was when we called B's paternal grandmother and she said, "Oh, I had hoped for a boy."

We sort of understood her reasoning. Out of all her grandchildren, she only had three grandsons, and L was the first great-grandchild from any of the grandsons. Hence, she was the first one actually born a Gilbreath, and she wanted a boy to carry on the name. We really did just want a healthy, happy baby.

I hope that all goes well with the ultrasound, that you get excellent news, and that no one is rude when they find out the results.

Jessica Bauer said...

Thanks for all the well-wishes, girls! Hopefully this week will go by super fast and you better believe I'll be back here to share the news. Six days on the countdown! And no matter what the result, I bet everyone will be pumped. :)