Monday, February 4, 2013


Although I've showered a few brides-to-be and moms-to-be in my day, this is the first time I took it in the literal sense.

This is also the first time the baby stayed with his daddy while his mommy opened presents, chowed on cupcakes, and felt the love from friends and family. It's okay, though, Baby Carter, we won't hold that against you. :)

One perfectly rainy Saturday, my mom and I threw a perfectly rainy-themed shower for a close friend of mine, Ashley Mhoon. This party had been in the works since the end of the year and we chose January 26 in hopes that it was safe enough to beat her son's impending arrival around February 23. Whoops! Carter Harrison greeted the world six weeks early on January 11, at a healthy and happy 4 lb 10 oz. After an impressively quick week-long stay in the hospital, he was home in his parents' arms... without a diaper in the house. :) Needless to say, the baby shower stayed as scheduled.

Let's talk details, shall we?

The room was decorated in various shades of blue and crisp whites and gray with raindrops and clouds at every turn. Pops of yellow and Ashley's favorite orange brightened things up a bit. The dozens of guests who "dropped by" (see what I did there?) signed in by leaving thumbprint raindrops around an umbrella printout. Although my mom and I will gladly take credit for such crafts as the tissue paper clouds, upside umbrella decor, and lemon drop favor bags, I have to give props to my husband for the decoration featured below.

That guy hand-cut the cute little quilt batting cloud. Carefully glued two sides together to make it sturdy. Threaded felt rain drops delicately through fishing wire and glued it in a way that wouldn't show when hung. I think I stuck Carter's name on there, but hey, it was all him. Needless to say, Ashley was pleased and Carter's room is that much cuter.

At left, Ashley poses with her mama, Becky (my mama's BFF). At right, the lady of honor and I show off Jonathan's handiwork. Cute, right??

Although my favorite part of this party was spending time with Ashley, who I don't get to see enough, another favorite was the food. I like to label dishes at parties so guests know what they're in for and for some reason I came up with rather goofy baby-related names for each dish. Perhaps I've focused on kid parties for too long. Everyone who stopped by nibbled on items like Midnight Feeding Meatballs and Surprise Birthday Spinach Dip. They washed it all down with a new recipe (that we will use again). We called it Over-the-Mhoon Pineapple Party Punch.

The Ready or Not Rainbow Fruit Kabobs turned out as pretty as they were tasty. This was the one thing I "cooked" for the party. I stick to what I (sort of) know: decorations.

Although I liked naming food, I think Ashley's favorite part of the shower was the present opening! The poor girl held off as long as possible with as little as possible, not knowing what she would get at her shower. And what a haul it was! She tore pastel-colored paper off of several everyday needs like diapers, pacifiers, bibs, bottles, and lotion, as well as big-ticket items like a swing, a stroller, and a pack-n-play. She also did very well in the handmade and monogrammed department. Carter, man, you got hooked up.

So many presents. So little time!

Although the news of Carter's very early arrival came as a shock to his parents, I cannot be happier to know that the three of them are all healthy at home and now have a house full of shower gifts from family and friends who love them. Their new adventure has just begun and I can guarantee you now they're ready for anything.

Even a cupcake or two. :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

PS: All photos were taken either by Ashley or her friend Megan. I'm not a very responsible photographer when I'm trying my hand at hostessing. Thanks for sharing, girls!

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Ashley Mhoon said...

You are amazing Jessica! The shower was more than I ever imagined! Thank you so much for "pouring" yourself and time into it and making it so fabulous!