Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sickly Snuggles

Even with one of this dynamic duo running a fever, these guys are incredibly good-looking.

(Edit: I'm aware that one with fever and one without should not participate in snuggling. After a quick "aww" and a collective cheese, I pulled them apart and told them hugging was not allowed. Swear.)

Yes, I'm afraid that the elusive sickness that has been plucking kids from Nashville Primary one by one has made it into our house. Fever and a general feeling of "blah" is all that plagues young Nathan today, but we are going to try to get him in the doctor tomorrow to nip that mess in the bud.

He's had friends with strep throat, the flu, and (what I'd consider worst of all), an impossible stomach bug. Fingers crossed it's just some sort of fever virus that goes away tomorrow. However, according to school rules, Nathan is already set up for his first-ever kindergarten absence.

To be honest with you, he wasn't too bummed with the news. He wasn't too excited to take Tylenol all day (despite the yummy grape flavor, too - crazy kid!), but he said he'll muddle through a day at home. Thankfully his Nana is coming to the rescue and seeing to his every sick-day need while Owen and I trudge on to Hope. This may get ridiculous.

He told me his plans before heading to bed. Tomorrow he will pile up his pillows on the couch, snatch the comfiest of my blankets, and settle in for a cartoon, Capri Sun, and catnap marathon.

It is a well-thought out plan and I only have one question.

When's my sick day? :)

Happy Sunday, y'all. Keep your kiddos well and I'll pray those rude little germs don't make their way into your home. Just to be safe, though, better stock up on Capri Suns.

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