Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Sowwy, Nate"

This is our single form of communication with the oldest Bauer boy. Sad week in quarantine, guys.

Remember that one time this week when I told you Nathan had a fever? And I listed the illnesses I hoped were not invading his tiny body? No such luck.

Owen says it best every time his brother's face pops up on the screen for their nightly Face Time. "Sowwy, Nate."

Nathan has the flu. Thankfully, it's been a mild case. He's had fever since Monday, but regulating it by eating chewy Tylenols like a champ. He also has a bit of a runny nose and cough, but other than that he's his perky, polite little self. He's been living his life just fine.

Unfortunately he's living his life about 40 miles south of my house. When the good doctor went against his judgement of Nathan just having a mild case of the sniffles and administered a flu test, the first thing he thought of was Baby B. And how his/her mama does not need to bring the flu to him/her. My mother had taken him to the doctor that day as it was a busy day in the office for me. The doctor's first question was... "Can you keep him??"

Nana was happy to oblige, but I was hesitant.

Although he wasn't feeling as horrible and awful as others plagued with the flu, he would be contagious for a week and had to skip school. I'll admit I have been looking forward to this upcoming weekend's Valentine getaway with no kids and no worries, but this no-kid situation was a bit different and not nearly as fun. (Even though we do still have one spunky kid).

But we carry on. As of this morning, his fever is still at 100, but his face brightened when I (covered my mouth) and brought him an air hug, an air high-five, and a stack of school work from Mrs. Dodd.

"I want to do my math sheets first!!"

What can I say? The kid loves his school.

Here's hoping the fever drops and Owen can stop asking for his brother every time he walks into a room. Prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, and all that are appreciated. I miss my sweet boy!

I love you so much, Nathan, and miss you like crazy!! I can't wait until those germs jump out of your body. You better get ready for all the snuggles and kisses headed your way when that happens.

Until then I'll just listen to your funny Face Time jokes and stare at these hand-made Valentines you sent to us:

And don't worry, we already knew that Owen was your favorite. :)

I love you!!

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