Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 17

{Yes, I did skip Week 16. Honestly, there was no real change between that one and the week before. For what it's worth, he or she was a really cute avocado.}

Week: Seventeen (plus one)
Size: Turnip
Feeling: Starting to feel pregnant, y'all.
Symptoms: Growth!
Maternity Clothes: Acquaintances were brave enough to ask today. Score!
Sleep: I like it.
Gender: It's. So. CLOSE!
Movement: I'm not saying just yet, but it should be happening soon.
What I Miss: Sneezing without crossing my legs. If you don't get it, you're lucky.
What I Want: To know who is in my tummy. These next 3.5 weeks will draaaaag.
Best Moment this Week: Hearing that sweet thump! My 16-week appointment went great last week and the next time I visit the old OB clinic we will leave with a name for my third child. Excitement!

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