Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 18

These are what bell peppers look like to me. They're not as pretty or perfectly formed, but they're amazing. I cannot tell you how badly this picture makes me wish for planting season. I'm ready to get my hands dirty this year, y'all.

Week: Eighteen
Size: Bell Pepper
Feeling: Not too shabby.
Symptoms: There's a bit of a belly situation going on.
Maternity Clothes: Mostly just the jeans, but I've rocked a couple cute tops.
Sleep: LOVE.
Gender. Two weeks, six days, and counting.
Movement: Nothing official, but perhaps a thump or two.
What I Miss: Nathan Thomas Bauer. He has the flu and I miss him terribly.
What I Want: Dinner.
Best Moment this Week: This one right now. Just pulling into Hot Springs for our valentine's weekend rendezvous. No cell service, no Internet, just a cabin, a fire place, and a TV. Time. To. SLEEP. ;)

Also, how's about the very first belly shot for Bauer Baby #3? In comparison to my 18-week shot with Owen, the belly appears rounder and higher. Wonder what that could mean? Friends have theories, but we shall see!


Unknown said...

Your belly is adorable!

Jessica Bauer said...

Thank you so much! :) You can tell I'm proud of it if I'm still posting pictures of it online.