Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 19

{Yeah, I won't even get into the above picture. COME ON, GARDEN TIME!}.

Week: Nineteen
Size: Large Heirloom Tomato
Feeling: Fantastic - knock on wood.
Symptoms: There's a person in there. And he's giving me heartburn.
Maternity Clothes: Still in regular tops, but there is no way I could zip pants.
Sleep: Took an amazing five-minute power nap. Need about 10 more.
Gender. We've been calling baby by our chosen boy name. Jumping the gun?
Movement: Yep. :) I'm pumped to say I feel him knocking around in there.
What I Miss: Seeing my baby. Ultrasounds are much too few and far between.
What I Want: Chocolate-covered strawberries. WANT SO BAD.
Best Moment this Week: Thursday morning's doctor's appointment. For the curious minds left hanging by this post, Owen tested negative for both strep and flu and his fever was gone this morning. Hallelujah, it was just some random virus. Hopefully this is the end of any and all Bauer family illnesses.

Oh, and also this moment, too:

I had a fantastic Valentine's Day, y'all. I even have a vase full of gorgeous yellow roses and a shot glass full of purple clover blooms to prove it. This is just one of the many reasons I love being the lady of the house. However, I sure won't mind sharing a rose or two next year if a baby girl were to join us. :) Hope your yesterday was spent with the ones you love and I hope you all were given the best gift of all - time together. Happy Friday!

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